MEC Creecy

For 10 years, she served the Gauteng Legislature in a number of capacities,

including Deputy Chief Whip and Chairperson of the Social Development

and Education Committees. Now Barbara Creecy is proving

her worth once again, managing the fi nances of South Africa’s richest province.

The Gauteng Provincial Government has grown its revenue from R2 620 billion to R4 344 billion over the past fi ve years.

As the MEC for Finance, Creecy has vowed to strengthen financial management in the province,

deal decisively with fraud and corruption and pay suppliers on time.

In an interview with PSM recently, she revealed that preparations were at an advanced stage to roll out an electronic platform throughout the province that would allow all current

and prospective suppliers to send invoices for their services directly and communicate about non-payments.

Paying suppliers on time The electronic invoicing or e-invoicing system is expected to reduce

the time it takes for suppliers to send invoices to government departments

from 60 days to just under two days after the work is completed.

The new system will allow suppliers to submit invoices electronically via any internet connection or at Thusong Service Centres. “I think the e-invoicing system is a signifi cant development for our province.

The platform will help us in our ongoing battle to ensure that we pay suppliers on time. One of the challenges we have been faced with is meeting the 30-day period for suppliers to be paid,” MEC Creecy explains.

The national government has acknowledged in the past that paying suppliers within 30 days is a challenge for many departments.

Delays in payment have a signifi cant impact on small businesses, economic growth and job creation.

“We did a study last year to determine where the logjams in relation to paying suppliers on time were.

One of the things we found was that it takes a very long time between the point where goods and services are delivered,

particularly if they are delivered to a decentralised government facility, to that invoice reaching a centre where it can be approved.

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