From the studio of an American artist in an out-of-the-way corner in Cornwall ,

England , comes this lovely portrait of the opening of the Columbia River half a world away,

by the Columbia Rediviva in I 792. Mark Myers, trained in deepwater sailing ships by the likes of Karl Kortum,

Adrian Small and Alan Villiers, was one of the exhibitors at the Kirsten Gallery’s 13th Annual Northwest Marine Exhibition in July. He will have a oneman show at Kirsten, 6-3 1 December.

 (Kirsten Gallery , 5320 Roosevelt Way, NE, Seattle, WA 98 105; 206522-2011 )

Luckily for us the young seaman Anton Otto Fischer did not admire the German militarism of our century,

and when sum- _moned to return from the US to Germany for military service shortly before World War I, he refused.

He went on to become a leading magazine illustrator of his day

and a marine artist whose day of recognition is only dawning now,

a quarter century after his death at his home near Kingston, New York.

He knew the brutality of life in the forecastle of the old square-riggers, but he knew its comradeship and moments of grace as well.

He caught on canvas the magic of its grey dawns breaking as few other artists have before his time or since.

Fischer’s time in the Cape Horner Gwydyr Castle was vividl y recalled in F ocs’ le Days, a slim volume published with muddy bl ack-and-white reproductions of his paintings in 1947.

Now the Hudson Ri ver Maritime Center has published a new edition with color plates made from the original paintings-and it’s indeed like daylight breaking over a shadowed sea.

Share the exc itement! Get this book from HRMC, I Rondout Landing, Kingston, NY 12401.

It’s $20.95 postpaid . One of a handful of major marine art exhibits in this country each year, the eighth Mystic Intern ational will be on view at the Mystic Maritime Gallery through 1 November.

The work of more than eighty artists representing five countries offers a broad range of interpretations of subjects covering nearly the whole spectrum of seafaring,

from vivid seascapes to scenes of merchant and navy life.

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