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Marco Ilsø

Threesomes, treachery, and gut-turning violence starring in the global hit series Vikings, Marco Ilsø has, as the Viking Hvitserk, done it all.

However, in the real world, the young mellow Dane is all but unscrupulous.

Talking to Scan Magazine, he reveals that he struggles to say no to fans and was terrified on his first day on the set of Vikings.

There has been a lot to adapt to for Ilsø since he took on the role as one of the five Viking brothers in Michael Hirst’s historic hit series Vikings.

Being met with cries of “yeah, slaughter those Saxons!”

when grocery shopping off set in Ireland is one of them.

Not being able to tell friends and family where he went for the first three months of filming was another.

“There’s a lot of secrecy around the series, Marco Ilsøso when I first got the role I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone.

As I was going to Ireland to film for three months,

I had to tell everyone that I was just taking a bit of time off to go travelling

I think a lot of people thought that was a bit weird,” says the 23-year-old and laughs.

Sat in a hotel room in Dublin, the laughter immediately washes away any resemblance to Hvitserk, Ilsø’s inscrutable Viking alter ego.

The character is nonetheless what most people recognise Ilsø for and,

one must presume,

why he is regularly being encouraged to “slaughter those Saxons”.

Becoming a Viking

Getting his first acting job as the lead character in a Danish TV series at age 14,

Ilsø was initially not too impressed with the life of an actor.

“Having to go to school during the day and then film afterwards,

it was a bit much, and at that age, I actually wasn’t too keen on it,” he admits.

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