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Making the most of technology

Another area of focus for the department,

is ensuring that learners have access to technology to make the most of the learning experience.

Over the years, provincial education departments increasingly started using technology for teaching and learning and the Northern Cape is not lagging behind.

The department, in partnership with the MTN SA >> Foundation, recently opened two information and communication technology laboratories at Okiep Primary and Steinkopf High School.

“We live in a modern, ever-changing environment, which technology is an integral part of.

Therefore, we have established a key partnerships with the MTN SA Foundation and other stakeholders to ensure that we prepare our learners and expose them to the use of computers from an early age.

 “We are confident that this initiative will further enhance the quality of public education in our schools.

We will continue to invest in the future

of our youth through initiatives such as these that will ensure our learners have a better future.”

Each of the laboratories are housed in a renovated centre. They were painted and the floors tiled, and also have burglar bars on windows and doors, an alert alarm, an air conditioner and electrical cabling.

There are computer desks and chairs to accommodate 40 learner stations and one educator station.

They also have computer equipment, including two servers, 40 stations, a multi-functional printer, an inter-active white board, a data projector, a router and data card for connectivity,

education-related software and the CAPSaligned content, and subsidised internet connectivity of 20 gigabytes for 24 months.

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