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Luke Heggie

HAVE THAT After nearly quitting the profession, comedy favourite Luke Heggie is back with a brand-new show, HAVE THAT

He’s already been making waves in Brisbane and Adelaide with the show, now it’s Melbourne’s turn to experience the bone-dry wit of the multi award-winning comic.

When reading the description of Heggie’s HAVE THAT, one word that really stands out is “dickhead”. ­

ere are several things that constitute being a dickhead in Heggie’s world, and he’s decided to shine a light on certain irritations.

“­ e net’s pretty wide,” he chuckles. “It’s basically aimed at anyone who’s not exactly like me.

“­ ere are so many dickheads ± I’m back working, they’re all there.

I’m walking around all day, they’re all there.

I’m out on the roads, there they are. You can’t get away from them, they’re everywhere.”

To some, it might sound more intolerant than a showcase of worldly observations.

“You say intolerance, I say I’m in my right mind and everyone else isn’t,” Heggie says stoically.

He doesn’t discriminate in this show, in his material nor in who the laughter is meant for.

“I’ve tried to get around to absolutely everyone,” he says.

“At some stage they might be sitting there thinking, ‘Oh shit, this is me’.

“If you’re ripping into absolutely everyone then eventually you get there.”

Awards are up the wazoo for his performances, including winning RAW Comedy in 2010,

but Heggie doesn’t reckon it’s been much of a springboard for what he’s doing now in terms of popularity.

“I just signed up and did it,” he says of RAW.

“Like anyone, you start with ‑ ve minutes and see how you go from there.”

 So what it is about Heggie that people ‑ nd so endearing that they feel they’ve got to give him a sign of recognition?

“I wouldn’t say ‘endearing’,” he giggles, “It doesn’t really translate to the public, they don’t give a shit about awards.

It’s sort of [the] respect of other comedians, which I do have, which is nice. ­

ey’re all losers themselves and they quite like a fellow loser, I suppose.

“In the scheme of things, it’s a bit ridiculous, isn’t it? Awards. It’s like being at school and encouraged, student of the week kind of thing.”

Not the sort to cultivate peer recognition, Heggie de‑ nitely prefers paying customers turning up to his shows.

So far, no poor responses to HAVE THAT.

“It’ll come,” he says. “If you got rid of audiences, comedy would be superb.

 If only. “But no, the response has been pretty good so far, touch wood.

We’ll see what’ll happen when I roll into Melbourne and the bloggers come.”

“There are so many dickheads … You can’t get away from them, they’re everywhere.

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