Love Is All

Pushing against the indie-pop boundaries lain down by their 2005 debut, Love Is All return from Gothenburg with this storming follow-up.

Trouble is that, between releases, the press – mostly the NME – made sure that that particular genre left a hot, nasty

aftertaste at the back of everyone’s throats.

Despite this ‘A Hundred Things…’ is a great indie album; 11 tracks, half an hour long, enough tunes for professional stick-shaking.

It’s got light-hearted lyrical flair, Stuart Murdoch-meets-Bjork vocals and an infectious lead single in the form of ‘Wishing Well’,

which, along with ‘Movie Romance’, recalls the wit and optimism of ‘His’n’Hers’-era Pulp.

Added to these essentials are touches of New York Noise guitar
scratches and atonal sax squalls to correct the light/dark balance.

“We always try to conceptualise it beforehand and build up ideas about where it would build and where it would drop,”

adds The Atmosphere enthusiastically.

“The final album [‘The Death Of The Duke’] is definitely going to be one big long track and, live,

we’re going to go out and do a couple of ‘Death Of The Duke’ shows where… the

records going to have tonnes of guitars on it,” he explains “so we’re going to have it that the first ten people that come to the show

can bring their guitars and we’ll do a runthrough before the doors open so people can actually play with us on ‘The Death Of The Duke’.

It’ll be almost Kraut Rock-y, and very hypnotic and repetitive, but it’s just my absolute dream to have the first ten people

come in to play. So it’s really going to become a communal band, and the shows,

you won’t see them in big venues, but we’ll circle the crowd so that people can become part of the music.”

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