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Your correspondent Matthew Simmonds (St A 97) has had a fairly busy year

catching up with OOs at the end of 2019, however as I’m sure is the theme throughout the magazine, this came to a rather abrupt end in March this year.

Before that the annual Round Norfolk Relay took place and he caught up with Andrew Coulthurst (St A 97),

Guy Simmonds (St A 95), James Vickers (C 97), Jonathan Cope (B 97), Matthew Mountain (St A 96),

Thurstan Guthrie-Brown (St A 98) and Matthew Unwin (S 94).

Despite the postponement of the OO Sports Lunch in April your correspondent did manage a reunion organised

by Tom Wansborough-Jones (Sch 97) and John Pennington (N 97)

where a number of OOs congregated including Leo Barker (S 97), Alex Kemp (S 97),

Joe Sharratt (S 97), Rick Muir (Sch 97), Chris Godfrey (N 97), Jake Sanders (St A 97) and Jonathan Cope (B 97) among others.

 Edmund Greaves (Sc 07) contacted me to let me know has embarked upon a new career,

leaving journalism in January to become a media consultant for MRM, a financial communications consultancy.

In January he also moved in with his girlfriend Ellyn Megicks, a pediatric nurse, who has worked valiantly on the NHS frontline during the coronavirus pandemic.

Harry Gibson (S 02) writes to pass on the good news that he was appointed as a consultant in obstetrics

and gynaecology at the Whittington Hospital in North London, where he specialises in maternal medicine.

Norman Shelley (Ldr 71) went to New York early in March 2020 to attend the birth of his Daughter’s twin boys. Joining him alongside his wife and other daughter was son John Shelley (S 14) who arrived directly from Milan.

 With him came the dreaded Covid-19 and soon the entire household of eight people were afflicted.

Norman was happy to report all made a good recovery though a somewhat difficult start in life for mother and premature twins.

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