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Log cabins from the heart of Norway

From within the heartland of Norway, Flatdal Handlaft has specialised in building traditional log constructions in all shapes and sizes.

The company’s focus on good craftsmanship, quality materials and strong work ethics has

made it both a trusted business partner and a proud ambassador for Telemark’s cultural heritage.

The Norwegian county of Telemark, stretching from the Skagerak coast in the east to Europe’s greatest mountain plateau Hardanger in the west,

holds a special place in Norway’s national consciousness and identity.

Telemark is the birthplace of skiing, unique folk traditions,

distinctive dialects and famous artists, Log cabins from

which have all come to represent something uniquely Norwegian – protected from the outside world.

“It’s weird to think that one century ago, when my great-grandfather was living here, many of these small villages were roadless.

Nowadays, there are highly developed tourist destinations in every direction,” Log cabins from

says Johan Angre, CEO of Flatdal Handlaft, which is based in the village of Flatdal.

Starting in 1992, Flatdal Handlaft has made one of Telemark’s many proud traditions its business.

The company delivers all types of log constructions, ranging from small sheds to large houses, combining traditional

Norwegian building techniques with modern standards for quality and comfort.

Based on Flatdal Handlaft’s reputation as a serious and experienced supplier who follows the customer every step of the way,

their finished log buildings are guaranteed to last.

“There are three important factors in making a solid log construction. First, you need good timber.

Second, you need to dry the timber well.

Third, you need skill and good craftsmanship.

The result is rough, rustic and very cosy.

And it’s very natural and fresh.

The insulation we use between the logs is a natural product from Finland,” explains Angre.

Successful local companies such as Flatdal Handlaft are important for Telemark.

Not only do they preserve and spread tradition and stimulate local cooperation,

but they show that it is possible to sustain business outside the larger Norwegian urban areas.

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