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Living the Mandela

In the absence of a vaccine to prevent infection with COVID-19,

our key defence is to be found in the wisdom our founding President, Nelson Mandela, who said:

“A fundamental concern for others in our individual and community lives would go a long way in making the world the better place we so passionately dreamt of”.

This July, as we observe Mandela Month, we remain confronted by an invisible enemy that thrives on the unintended vulnerability that comes with freedom of movement,

socialising with family and friends and our instinctive appreciation of or yearning for human touch.

In other words, some of our most basic behaviours have become the conveyor belt along which

the deadly coronavirus has been transmitted from person to person and country to country in the past eight months.

Of course, it is not only infection and suffering that has gone viral.

 Our economy, like those all around the world, has been infected with business closures, unemployment and aggravated poverty and inequality.

This is a time of great uncertainty, fear, trag edy and financial hardship for millions of citizens.

While many of these concerns apply to public servants, workers in the public sector have escaped the reality of shortened working hours, reduced pay and retrenchment experienced by our compatriots in the private sector.

This empowers the public service to serve the nation with tireless diligence and commitment in this hour of crisis.

Twelve years ago, when the world celebrated Madiba’s 90th birthday,

he called on the next generation to take on the burden of leadership in addressing the world’s social injustices by declaring: “It is in your hands now.”

 t is indeed in our hands to influence the trajectory of the COVID-19 pandemic in our country

and to work with all sectors of society to help us achieve the economic recovery we need so desperately.

 Government employees are expected to honour Madiba’s legacy every day, in line with Madiba’s introduction in 1997 of the Batho Pele principle of putting ‘people first’ and this remains a cornerstone of public administration in our country.

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