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Learning for Life (LfL)

Learning for Life continues into its third year with

the pupil voice informing the curriculum more than ever before. Pupils have tackled weighty topics with maturity and interest.

Popular lessons have included discussions on period poverty, the science of addiction, recognising unhealthy relationships, county lines, fake news, colonialism and deciphering a payslip!

The curriculum continues to prepare pupils as thoroughly and practically as possible for life beyond the walls of Oundle and ‘to become a little more street smart.’

(S McAlpine, Sn) The naissance of the Pupil Pastoral Forum (PPF) in January was exciting and marked an historic moment in the life of the School.

Our Sixth Form PPF Ambassadors oversee areas within the forum that include Racial Diversity and Inclusion,

Gender Equality, Mental Health, LGBTQIA+, Environmental, Digital and Charity.

Their starting point was to canvas the entire pupil body and to formulate aims based on their responses.

Restrictions made this a challenging venture but with our Heads of School at the helm, we had our first successful meeting on Microsoft Teams in February.

Transparency has been key throughout the process – the forum is not simply made up

of the ambassadors, it is something that all pupils from First Form to Upper Sixth can be a part of.

The hope is that this pupil-led forum will allow us to hear the pupil voice with greater clarity and that pupils themselves can be the force for positive change in their School.

Over last summer Miss H A Dawes, Director of Learning for Life, launched a web series called The Exchange which aims

to break down stigmas surrounding common issues that young people may experience

by having open and honest conversations with experts and public figures.

Episodes were dedicated to subjects including revenge porn, anxiety and depression, unconscious bias, ethical fashion, body image, and coming out.

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