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Krautrock and the building of Modern Germany

1960s Germany was a troubled country; one still coming to terms with its past whilst trying to navigate its way into the future.

While much of the West was happily losing its shit to four on the floor
blues-based rock’n’roll,

the musicians coalescing in the new Germany were digging an altogether different, more experimental seam,

and in the process creating music that would go on to influence everything from post-punk’s spiky twitch and jerk to dance music’s more blissed-out

In Future Days, Stubbs has produced a book which is smart, accomplished and engaging and which will prove indispensible to anyone with even a passing interest in the subject.

Enticed by the spoils of competitive pumpkin growing – where entrants earn upwards of $6 per lb, depending on the event – Jim’s new-found passion yielded some relatively quick success.

He turned pro in 2000, entering contests where the fruits of his
labour consistently tipped the scales at over 600lbs,

and he eventually ranked as one of the best giant pumpkin growers in America.

A 1,087lb monster won first prize at a contest in California in 2007 – a
decent effort when you compare it to the class of 2007

on – and he followed that up with recognition at the premiere giant pumpkin growing event: The Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off.

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