Keeping public servants on their toes

Deputy Minister Manamela is equally passionate about his role

in monitoring the performance of front office staff at key service delivery departments.

He said spot visits – announced or unannounced – as with youth development, is an area that is close to his heart and a priority for his department.

“In that way, firstly, we get service to service delivery points to make sure that they deliver at all times,” he said.

The visits vary from him visiting police stations, hospitals, clinics, schools, Home Affairs offices and even provincial NYDA offices.

“I think the idea that at any given point either the President, Deputy President,

Minister or Deputy Minister would make an unannounced visit keeps most public servants on their toes and ensures that they get government to work.”

 The Deputy Minister also oversees the performance of the Presidential Hotline and the Presidential Siyahlola visits.

Following up on all concerns and complaints raised

by members of the public is a great service to South Africans, he added.

These initiatives also serve as a crucial platform for members

of the public to interact with their leaders, and raise their concerns and aspirations directly.

Service delivery has become one of government’s priorities, the Deputy Minister said.

A challenging appointment The Deputy Minster said his appointment was a challenge as he had to come in when the National Planning Commission

and the Performance, Monitoring and Evaluation departments were being merged into one department.

The Deputy Minister said his vision was to lead with regards to the implementation of the NDP and the Medium Term Strategic Framework.

“Part of the responsibility of planning, monitoring and evaluation includes that all government departments implement the NDP in their plans …

“More importantly, it is ensuring that, especially at local government level,

we are able to make sure that we have effective governance that meets the aspirations of our people.”

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