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Jon Hopkins

In the June edition of Loud And Quiet, Jon Hopkins told us how he
hopes people will fall asleep to his music.

Tonight he thumps out a set of IDM heavy enough to wake a
corpse. Hopkins briefly flirts with his ambient side,

‘Immunity’’s serene title track to trickle out early on, minimal piano
notes hanging in the air.

It’s a respite before one is needed.
Everything else pounds brutally. Out front, Hopkins dishes all of
this out at an alarming rate,

and with a noted sense of glee, building dense techno by physically triggering as much as possible and head banging to the gnarled drops of his more glitch-heavy highlights,

‘Insides’ and ‘Vessel’, both of which are far more unforgiving than they
are on record. The same could be said for the closing,

endlessly rising ‘Wire’, too, and everything else, in fact, that’s hitched up by sub bass and exaggerated BPM.

The closest thing resembling a lull comes halfway through, as Hopkins, after a moment of battering of old school house, and another of
shattering boulder sounds, settles into a section of thrumming new
songs, including the usually startling ‘Collider’.

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