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‘It’s just like going on a treasure hunt’

Loppeforum is a modern flea market where you can sell your old possessions or find retro and antique objects for a bargain.

If you have just finished cleaning up the garage or the attic and you have a few old items you want to sell,

you might want to consider Loppeforum.

It is a modern flea market where you will get all the help you need to sell your things.

“You can rent a stand for almost as long as you want, and we will then

provide you with price tags and alarms and offer you advice on what the asking price should be.

We try to help make the stand look appealing, but we don’t interfere with what the customers want to sell.

There is no minimum of objects required and all stand owners have a turnover.

Usually you will have a profit after just a week if you rent a stand for a month,” says Tine Jonassen, who is in charge of streamlining the stores.

The employees at Loppeforum will sell your items for you and keep the stand tidy, It’s just like going

but they recommend that you come by the store once a week to fill up the shelves.

Except for the recently opened store in Copenhagen and the one in Odense, where there are waiting lists, It’s just like going

it is always possible to find a stand right away.

Treasure hunting

Not only individuals can sell their things at the flea market. Loppeforum also has quite a few antique stores renting a space on a monthly basis.

“Some people rent for just a week while others rent a stand for months.

That means that there is always something new on the shelves, which is why coming here is just like going on a treasure hunt.

You can find everything from old Bang & Olufsen radios from the ‘60s to antique bowls,

jewellery and brand new fishing rods,”

says Jonassen and adds with a smile: “There is a reason why I spent half my salary at Loppeforum.”

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