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It is all about passion

How is Finland able to offer such strongcultural experiences? Why is it unparalleled in many artistic fields?

I think the answer lies in the fact that Finns tend to be passionate in many respects.

Things are taken seriously here in terms of art, entertainment, and culture in general.

But do not be misguided – being serious does not mean beingboringor rigorous.

It is no surprise that Finlandis often calledthe PromisedLandof Festivals.

But we couldaddmany other promises as well.

There are probably more symphony orchestras, more theatres, It is all about passion

andmore museums per capita than anywhere else on the planet.

A new, energising phenomenon is big stadium concerts with Finnish or foreign artists It is all about passion

performing in Helsinki during the summer, not to mention the very active club scenes in the bigger cities.

But talking about festivals: this country of only five million people has hundreds of festival events

festivals that provide an ideal opportunity to enjoy the cultural tourist experience,

with high-standard artistic productions, top-class performers from Finlandandabroad, reliable infrastructure,

excellent transport connections, and festival venues in splendidly scenic rural or urban settings.

But leaving aside considerations of artistic production, festival conditions,

surroundings, accommodation, transport, food, drink and fine ambience, it always comes back to passion.

Responsibility is a multifaceted term within the Bergans philosophy.

The company takes great care to ensure the welfare of producers, workers and live origins of production materials.

This means that all Bergans producers have to comply with the same code of conduct, promising a good standard of workers’ rights and conditions,

as well as a definite exclusion of all kinds of child labour. Similarly, attention to the welfare of animals is key.

All Bergans products exclude the use of down plucked from live geese and wool from sheep subjected to mulesing

(the stripping of wool-bearing skin from the sheep’s buttocks to prevent parasitic infestations).

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