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Tim Simpson (C 81) had a busy year here in Ireland. Their family focus has been their older son,

Ben, a Leaving Cert student, who has been navigating the uncertainty of exams, traditional foreign travel and a virtual school graduation.

That is all complete now and he is looking forward to going to UCD in October hopefully, and doing Engineering like his father!

Tim went back to study – specifically a Diploma in Strategy & Innovation at the IMI and recently completed that, with graduation in late July.

Otherwise, he continues to adapt, manage the home working balance with effectively 4 grown ups in the house, and keeps as active as possible with tennis and a bit of running.

He has actually done more volunteering than running at parkrun in the last year , but really enjoys both.

Tim is hoping go to London in October and run the original Bushy Park Parkrun which is ironic as he lived across the road from it for his last 4 years in London.

Tim corresponds with Andy Boucher (Lx 84) via Facebook,

as he is in Portland, Oregon and is fairly vocal regarding the current local challenges in the US!

It is floral, rounded, and very very good! All is well with Alistair Yarrow (D 63) after a busy year.

He is still active with the homoeopathic practice, although C19 forced him to close the clinic in Arklow and continue to work from home.

This has resulted in a steep learning curve in skype etc for them.

Robert Henshall (LX 75) enjoyed his time in lockdown, spending long periods in his garden.

 He has been landscaping, developing a polytunnel and vegetable garden so was too busy to miss being afloat. At the time of communication he was looking forward to getting back on the water soon.

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