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Innovative Finnish design for your kitchen

There is finally a solution for dough-covered iPads cluttering your cooking space.

Finnish company Aidine has designed a stylish iPad holder that allows you to easily view internet recipes and cooking videos,

and Skype with friends, while freeing your hands to bake some Nordic delights.

The brain behind this innovative solution is Aidine’s founder and owner, Henna-Mari Nyblom,

who has over ten years of international business design experience, several of them with Nokia.

She came up with the idea for the iPad holder while working in her kitchen.

“I needed a practical solution for keeping my iPad away from the children while freeing my workspace.

When I could not find a durable and smart solution,

I decided to create one myself,” explains Nyblom.

The beautifully-crafted iPad holder is made of anodised aluminium and can be attached to the bottom of any horizontal surface,

such as an overhead cupboard or shelf.

A clip folds down to hold an iPad at a convenient height and viewing-angle while you cook.

The clip can then be folded up with the iPad still attached to protect it from any potential mess in the kitchen.

The device is produced in Finland and is compatible with iPad 2, 3, and Air with an adapter.

Aidine is looking to produce more innovative kitchen solutions in the future, and is already exploring several new opportunities.

The iPad holder is available for €179 from Stockmann department stores in Finland, and can also be purchased from Aidine’s online shop.

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