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Amos Masango is passionate about making an

impact in the lives of South Africans by ensuring they have access to safe and effective medicine.

He is at the helm of the South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) as the registrar and chief executive officer (CEO).

The SAPC is a statutory body established through the Pharmacy Act 53 of 1974. It assists in the promotion of the health of the South African population

 and advises the Minister of Health and MECs of health in all provinces on matters related to pharmacies.

The SAPC also ensures that pharmaceutical care provided in both public and private healthcare sectors meets universal standards

and seeks to improve the health and quality of life of patients.

“On an ongoing basis, we monitor compliance by inspecting pharmacies and education or training facilities.

We also attend to reported cases of misconduct or non-compliance, as brought to our attention by members of the public, patients and/or other stakeholders,” Masango explains.

 Just what the doctor ordered His background makes Masango the right man for the job.

As a pharmacist who holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Pharmacy,

Masango started off as an intern in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector in 1988.

After a year, he became a production pharmacist and later moved up the ladder to hold a management position.

 “After a couple of years, I decided to leave the manufacturing industry and join the public sector.

I was deployed to KwaNdebele in Mpumalanga to start a pharmaceutical services unit.

 After the 1994 general elections, I was given a new position – that of developing and unifying the pharmaceutical services in Mpumalanga,” he explains.

Two years later, Masango became a council member of the SAPC.

In 2001, he applied for the Manager in Education position at the SAPC and got the job.

He then occupied a senior management post before becoming the registrar and CEO in 2004, a position he still occupies 16 years later.

 “I think we have done very well as a council in the past 16 years.

 I was fortunate enough to oversee the appointment of three boards of the council.

I have worked with four council presidents because when I was appointed to this position, the term of office for the then board was coming to an end,” he says.

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