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In the darkness you see the lights

Normally when the sun sets, this puts an end to spectacular sights and experiences – but not at Møns Klint Resort.

The holiday centre is, together with the rest of the small Danish island of Møn, on its way to becoming Scandinavia’s first IDA-certified Dark Sky Park.

This means that guests can enjoy a stunning view of the night sky on top of the island’s dramatic landscape.

For many people, darkness is unpleasant or even scary. Ole Eskling, on the other hand, loves it.

The manager of Møns Klint Resort is one of the initiators of the Dark Sky project, which is aimed at optimising Møn’s natural potential for stargazing.

“With the dramatic nature that surrounds us comes a natural darkness.

By reducing artificial lighting and setting up an outdoor star lounge and star cabins with telescopes, In the darkness

we have chosen to use the darkness to highlight another dramatic sight: the starry sky.” In the darkness

Seeing the innumerable lights of the night sky, the Milky Way and the star constellations is not something many people get to enjoy on a nightly basis.

In fact, only 15 per cent of Denmark’s population are likely to see the Milky Way from where they live.

Therefore, the Dark Sky experience has already attracted many guests to Møns Klint Resort’s stunningly located campsite.

One of them is photographer Anders Brinck Meyer, who said this about his visit: “The atmosphere at Møns Klint Camping is amazing – especially at night time. Next year,

I want to do much more camping.”

In January 2016, the Dark Sky concept earned Møns Klint Camping an award from Germany’s biggest camping organisation, ADAC.

The award, in the Active Holiday category, also establishes that Møns Klint really is one of Denmark’s absolute top destinations when it comes to active outdoor holidays.

The landscape, which is defined by spectacular 75- million-year-old chalk cliffs, is arguably Denmark’s most breathtaking natural experience.

It can be explored by horse, bicycle and foot or, in summertime, by kayaking around the imposing cliffs.

Besides, the nearby Geocentre Møns Klint offers a range of active and educational indoor and outdoor experiences ensuring that,

even on a rainy day, you can explore the amazing nature, history and geology of Møns Klint.

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