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Important changes to Gift Aid

Gift Aid is an important source of income for many charities registered with the Charities Commission.

Gift Aid increases one’s giving by 20%, so a donation of £10 means the church/charity an individual donates to can claim an extra £2,

Important changes to Gift Aid increasing the overall gift to £12 at no extra cost to the one giving, providing they are a UK taxpayer.

The new automated online Gift Aid system went live on 22 April this year.

This replaces the old paper forms R68(i) that most charities/ churches use to claim the tax relief they are entitled to.

Charities will need to start making preparations to use this new online system.

Don’t be too alarmed if you haven’t started to accommodate these administrative changes;

Important changes to Gift Aid this new system won’t be totally up and running until 30 September 2013!

The HM Revenue & Customs will continue to accept the R68(i) forms up until this point.

The Institute of Fundraising estimates that over 100,000 charities currently claim Gift Aid, and will need to review the systems they are currently using. For larger charities

(with over 1,000 members), the online system gives charities the opportunity to connect their databases directly to the HMRC

computers and submit their Gift Aid claims, or make claims by uploading data using a template spreadsheet,

which will apparently make it much easier to administer.

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