Hot in the city – together!

The ancient Finns were traditionally born in the sauna and it was – and still is – considered almost as a sanctuary.

What better way to celebrate 100 years of Finnish independence in 2017 than going to the sauna?

Aptly, the theme for the Suomi Finland100 is ‘together’.

A spirit of serenity is part of the traditional Finnish sauna culture,

Hot in the city not to forget the ritualistic purification and relaxation after a hard day at work or straining sports activities.

About two years ago, however, event producer Sander Mosel, a student without a project, had a closer look at the Finnish sauna culture.

Why not take it a little bit further?

But Mosel, now with quite a remarkable team, did not settle for ‘a little bit’.

This summer will see the most Finnish festival possible: the first Finnish Sauna Festival.

Top Finnish artists will play gigs that you can enjoy from your VIP sauna terrace,

Hot in the city or you can sweat in the giant sauna with hundreds of other sauna enthusiasts.

Sauna yoga with a professional trainer will make you limber, and the stand-up comedian sweating through his act in the sauna will make you laugh.

Dressed to chill

The Finnish Sauna Festival will heat up three different cities in June and August with dozens of different saunas, all different in size and design.

In June, it will sizzle in Helsinki near the Olympic Stadium, and after that in Turku, by the Aura river and the old Turku Castle.

In August, it is time for Jyväskylä where the lakeside location makes

it possible to go swimming in the lake like a natural-born Finn and experience the floating boat saunas.

For the daredevils, there will be an underwater sauna.

The best suit for this party will be a swimsuit, but the dress code also accepts bathrobes.

However, do not worry – you can skip the bathing part,

stay cool in your favourite outfit and just enjoy the summer, food, drinks and concerts.

Sunday will be the family day, but otherwise the festival is for those 18 and over because of the bar service.

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