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High-level humour and satire in the heart of Copenhagen

The Storm P. Museum is dedicated to the much-loved Danish artist Robert Storm Petersen (1882-1949).

Storm P. was one of the most influential characters in the shaping of Danish humour in the 20th century.

Even though he is today mostly known for his humorous cartoons and short stories, he was also a stage performer and a serious painter with an international outlook.

“StormP.’shumour speaks tomostDanes, and his art offers a unique insight into the Danish humour tradition.

Even though he is best known for his humour, he was so much more than a traditional newspaper cartoonist;

he had a profoundly international outlook, and he was particularly inspired by the United States, France and Germany.

He was very open-minded and well-versed in art and culture, and there was often a philosophical twist to both his

paintings and his humour,” says Nikolaj Brandt, High-level humour curator at The Storm P. Museum.

“Storm P. was often the voice of the voiceless. In his art, he would frequently choose the perspective of a child or a vagabond,

forming an opposition to the grey and dull masses of people who blindly follow societal conventions,” Brandt explains.

“He was excellent at making people laugh at themselves.”

Combine with a visit to other museums

Since 2012, The Storm P. Museum has expanded, High-level humour and today the museum regularly hosts exhibitions with artists other than Storm P.

“We want to work with humour and satire in a more general and contemporary way.

Even though Storm P. is still relevant, his art is anchored in history,” says Brandt.

The Storm P. Museum is a part of the Frederiksberg Museums, a string of five museums and exhibition spaces,

all within easy walking distance of each other along a green museum route that takes you through two of the city’s finest parks,

Frederiksberg Garden and Søndermarken.

The Frederiksberg Museums offer cultural encounters to visitors who wish to escape the bigger venues across the city in order to enjoy a more original experience and intimate atmosphere.

The museums offer a Museum Pass at 145 DKK (around 17 GBP), which entitles guests to a visit at each of the five sites.

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