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Rarely are artists brought in to consult and collaborate on restaurant interiors.

Robyn and Michael Siegel, art enthusiasts and co-owners of Green House Market, have bucked that trend.

Within their original NorthPark Center location, natural light reflects on thoughtfully curated art by a noteworthy roster.

 The Siegels went a bit farther for their second place in Rosewood Court, integrating art into the design.

 “Every restaurant you go to—whether it’s a Starbucks, McDonalds, or Burger King— has art.

It’s just a matter of whether you want something good or you want something bad,” Michael Siegel said.

The new 5000-square-foot Uptown dining spot includes work by celebrated artists, Katherine Bernhardt, Jason Meadows, and local favorite, Francisco Moreno that defines the interiors. The latter two created custom work for the project.

The Siegels’s farm-to-table restaurants diversify the bustling Dallas eatery scene by offering locally sourced ingredients and house-made items for both leisurely and fast-paced diners.

Duties are divided: Michael is in charge of restaurant operations and Robyn helms the art and creative direction. Pedigree is apparent.

The daughter of art consultant Cindy Schwartz, Robyn intended to incorporate art as part of Green House programming, selecting artists whose practices make sense for the ambience and philosophy from the onset.

“We’re small business owners, and so much of Green House Market has been a labor of love, passion, and interest. Food and art, it’s what we do and it’s the language we speak.

To put that out there and share it, I can’t see us doing it any other way,” said Robyn.

 “In this space (Rosewood Court), we worked with artists we had personal relationships with. It was more of a commission in response to the needs of the space.”

For this second outpost, the creative duo looked to expand the mixture of quick upscale and health-conscious amenities.

Executive Chef Ben Hutchison debuted breakfast service along with a daily lunch and dinner menu with the rotating sides people love at Green House and lean proteins.

Michael utilized the talents of Carlos Torres, executive pastry chef at the NorthPark location (formerly of Stampede 66),

to craft signature, in-house pastries in vegan and gluten-free recipes. Either pair perfectly with Stumptown Coffee or fresh juices.

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