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Great food with a sprinkle of humour

While visiting Trondheim, why not take a walk down the harbour? Here, you will discover Kraft Bodega, a new restaurant with high ambitions and no set rules.

Situated in a modern venue overlooking the picturesque Norwegian fjord, this chilled-out eatery has steadily become a favoured place to find peace while enjoying tasty food.

“We wanted to create a place we would like to go ourselves. Somewhere peaceful but fun,

where you can drop by anytime and taste great food with a sprinkle of humour,”

Great food with says Thomas Borgan, one of the owners at Kraft Bodega.

Along with a group of three friends,

who have 45 years of experience from top kitchens in both Norway and New York between them, he decided to open up a new restaurant in April last year.

The friends were then already running the catering firm Kontrast Catering together, delivering food to all types of parties and events since 2013.

Upon entering Kraft Bodega, one can sense the calm atmosphere, but quickly also notice the fun vibe.

The word ‘bodega’ was chosen because of its diffuse and intriguing connotations, something that helps set an unpretentious and light-hearted tone.

The menu draws its inspiration from all over the world, regardless of trends, and is playful, innovative and delicious.

You can put together your own menu, drop by for some light snacks and a glass of wine, or simply trust the chefs and let them surprise you with something new.

However, Borgan highly recommends diners to take back the control, hence not offering an à la carte option.

“When it comes to the food, we don’t want to set strict rules, but rather focus on high quality and exciting dishes that will take you around the world,” he explains.

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