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JCM Global’s new Fuzion technology has created a world where the slot machine can be utilized in new ways to unlock greater value for operators and for players.

Fuzion is ready to adapt onto any provider of casino management systems and address any regulatory challenges.

When connected with JCM’s iVIZION bill validator and GEN5 printer, with Fuzion, every machine on the slot floor has the potential to deliver a server-driven suite of playerfocused,

Revenue-driving features, turning every slot machine into a multi-line profit center, with slots, sports book, promotions and lottery tickets at players’ fingertips. Powering Fuzion is the iVIZION bill validator.

Fuzion JCM GLOBAL Its CIS technology scans the entire note or ticket, including note serial numbers, and because.

Fuzion connects the bill validator to the casino’s main system, this reading increases the casino’s anti-money laundering capabilities.

Additionally, iVIZION’s intelligent bezel enables mobile connection for enhanced Fuzion functionality.

And Fuzion’s bill validator currency conversion technologies allow acceptance of multiple currencies, using conversion rates from the system to keep track of multiple exchange rates.

Integration with local or national lottery servers could allow players to use any EGM as a lottery dispensing terminal that delivers compensation for all sales, and the iVIZION can redeem winning tickets for credits at the EGM.

Further, each EGM could be used to place race and/or sports ฺ

Bets and print a ticket, plus redeem winning tickets with credits at the EGM.

Fuzion JCM GLOBAL Additionally, Fuzion can facilitate daily fantasy sports wagering—the casino’s own or a third party’s.

Fuzion has the potential to streamline tax form processes by printing system-generated tax forms and delivering.

Required documentation to the customer while the back-end system stores the signature forms and data that need to be delivered to the IRS.

Fuzion integrates with the ICB 3.0 drop management system, which is field-proven to save operators thousands of dollars annually.

Fuzion drives the PromoNet 2.0 floorwide couponing solution, which identifies high-value anonymous players,

Birects promotions to most valuable players, enhances player experience and maximizes results using business analytics.

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