Much has already been said of Fucked Up in the past twelve
months, a year that has seen them rise from underground cult heroes
to over ground torchbearers.

Yet as the push for wider notoriety nears a temporary end, they remain
headstrong, as always,

nose-diving into a sweaty action packed set that will leave some people questioning what qualities make for a good live band.

Tonight is littered in hardcore clichés, from the topless peanut butter-smeared Pink Eyes cutting the sea of moving

perspiring bodies – a move which recalls Iggy in his prime – to the fully
embraced punk attitude, uniting the audience through brutal testosterone fuelled rock.

It’s this unadulterated passion for their craft that fights its way to the forefront and even though it sometimes

feels like they are acting out an already well-read script, there is no denying that the live environments like these are where this band thrives.

Devoid of grandeur they serve as a welcome relie from bands who are all too content to stand motionless,FUCKED

painstakingly replicating their songs note for note, and whether

Inspired by the band’s tenure, housed down Brick Lane, ‘I Love London’ is more about an outsider’s love of a foreign place than the bricks and mortar
that fill our capital.

“It’s been described as the sound of Spanish tourists, which is hilarious although it’s got the Spanish rhythm and bass.

It’s about people coming to stay and being really happy, whether it’s
a bar off Brick Lane or a party in Willesden,” says Gilbert.

Not content with making every Londoner shake their bones, Crystal Fighters also want to revolutionise both the live and recording process, promising to play something new at every show

“We want the people that come and see us more than once to
experience something new,”

Gilbert shares to nods from his band mates. And then Crystal Fighters race on to the matter of deconstructing the album, “we had lots of ideas for movements of music,

representations of what we do live and breaking down the structure of the
album…” they buzz. But slow down chaps, plenty of time for that in Act 2.

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