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Freedom and flexibility in scenic surroundings

Boosted by its idyllic location on the strikingly beautiful island of Bornholm, Hotel Balka Strand is the quintessence of Danish ‘hygge’.

With a tireless focus on personalising every stay according to the guests’ wishes,

the hotel offers the ideal long- or short-stay holiday experiences for anyone wishing to explore Denmark’s Sunshine Island.

Situated in scenic surroundings just outside Nexø, the second largest town in Bornholm,

Hotel Balka Strand offers its visitors an unparalleled opportunity to relax and emerge into the laid-back, cosy lifestyle of the islanders.

With the island being easily accessible by plane and ferry,

Hotel Balka Strand welcomes visitors from all over the world and offers a flexible and adaptable

repertoire of holiday options suited to everyone’s wishes,

be it a short spring vacation or a longer summer stay.

With its idyllic location and a mixture of double rooms, studio apartments and larger family apartments,

all accessed through a lovely, peaceful garden,

Hotel Balka Strand is an ideal choice of accommodation for anyone wishing to explore everything Bornholm has to offer.

Married couple Charlotte Koefoed and Benny Schou, who run the hotel, Freedom and flexibility

aim to organise every stay around guests’ specific needs and wishes.

“Freedom and flexibility are central to our business.

We want to provide the setting for an unforgettable stay in Bornholm,” Koefoed explains.

In addition to the close proximity to one of the country’s finest beaches and some beautiful nature reserves,

the hotel offers an array of activities and facilities including a heated pool area with outdoor furniture.

When wanting to explore the history, magnificent landscapes, and seaside villages of Bornholm,

cycling is the classic and preferred mode of transport for getting around, and Hotel Balka Strand of course has a popular rental service.

While summer is naturally the busiest time, the hotel is open and can facilitate large-scale conferences and private events all year round.

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