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Kitchen sink eclecticism is quite the tightrope.

A scattergun approach could attract new fans to one’s deftly-straddled genre mastery.

Conversely, it could end up sounding like a bovine clusterfuck in a bagpipe factory. Thankfully for these Californian eccentrics, it works.

Ostensibly electro-pop, the album leaps from some infectious and instantly
accessible pop tunes like

‘The Idiot’, via dreamy, escapist tunes like ‘You and Your Sister In Jericho’
with its slide guitars and sorrowful, colliery-band brass – to storming,

dystopian soundscapes like ‘Winter, That’s All’. Each track creates its own immersive world,Chen

seamlessly guiding us through each, eager to discover what lies ahead.
An intelligent display of dramatic diversity between the digital and
the traditional.

making music – ‘cause I hated making music – and kind of getting the itch again,” says Tobi. “I recorded general ideas and put them up on Myspace, as
you do, Chen

and people seemed to get into it so I set out looking for people. Luckily me and Harry already knew each other

(we met while bonding to Rage Against The Machine) and I met Gauthier
through friends.”

Fourth member and man with the sticks, Andy, came with Tobi from previous enterprise Bono Must Die; a band with potential that was

drowned in London shite gossip pages, legal issues and its own persistent sarcasm.

This affiliation has caused a few problems for the band as they try to escape from a selfcongratulating

scene that’s putaway its luminous pink squid outfit, donned black and an intimate knowledge of Bauhaus.

“We got ourselves pigeonholed in this scene and then tried to get out of it,” says Gauthier.

“Now, I think the good thing would be that we don’t recreate a new scene but that more and more bands just get away from the whole pigeonholing thing.”

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