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Fibroids are tumours that grow from the muscles in and around the womb. They are usually non-cancerous, and many women are unaware of their presence.

However, in one in three cases, women will typically experience symptoms of excessive, and sometimes prolonged,

Focus on FIBROIDS menstrual bleeding, along with the other symptoms that are commonly associated with the monthly cycle.

The excessive bleeding is perhaps the commonest symptom and the one that creates the most immediate distress for a woman,

Focus on FIBROIDS since the need to visit the bathroom – sometimes as often as every fifteen minutes – can bring her normal routine to a grinding halt.

The excessive bleeding can also lead to other problems, such as severe anaemia.

Fibroids can impair a woman’s fertility, preventing her from being able to become pregnant.

Women with fibroids can, however, still become pregnant but, in many of those cases, the fibroids often grow along with the baby and compete for space in the womb.

No one knows for sure the exact cause(s) of fibroids, but there are some suggestions that fibroid growth is encouraged in the presence of high levels of the female hormone, oestrogen.

This is perhaps why fibroids commonly appear in women aged 30 to 50 years of age,

and sometimes shrink in older women as they approach the menopause, when oestrogen levels begin to decrease.

It is also not known why fibroids are more common among African-Caribbean women than among some other groups.

Many African-Caribbean women believe that a big contributing factor is the consumption of poultry that contains growth hormones.

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