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Filippa K — slow simplicity with Swedish design

As sustainability shoots up the agenda and ‘capsule wardrobe’ are the words on everyone’s lips,

a Swedish fashion veteran offers a simple solution: stylish, top-quality wardrobe staples with an unmistakably Scandinavian touch.

Widely celebrated in her home country for more than two and a half decades now, Filippa K is going global.

The story of Filippa K started at a kitchen table in Stockholm in 1993.

There, Filippa Knutsson and her then husband, Patrik Kihlborg,

founded the fashion brand that would quickly grow into one of the brightest shining stars on the Swedish fashion sky.

Inspired by her own needs and the real challenges of modern women and men, Filippa K — slow

Knutsson started designing stylish, comfortable clothes clearly echoing much of the minimalist quality that

Scandinavian design has become known and loved for – and since then, the brand has won numerous awards and accolades,

including Gunilla Arhén’s role model prize in 2008, Filippa K — slow

the business medal by the Royal Patriotic Society in 2010, and the design prize Guldknappen in 2015.

And just two years ago, Knutsson returned to the helm of the brand as creative director after a 19-year hiatus.

“The original philosophy of Filippa K was to create simple,

stylish clothes and accessories of long-lasting quality, and Filippa’s return brings a renewed focus on being true to those origins,”

says Jodi Everding, fabric and trim manager at Filippa K. “As creative director,

she has brought us even closer to those origins and their place in the modern world.

She has also been involved in recruiting new designers and working with the expression of the brand.”

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