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Exhibition masters

Nolia is the biggest exhibition and conference organiser in the north of Sweden.

Their capable hands bring over 200,000 people together annually at trade fairs, shows, conferences and other events.

People from all over the world converge to exchange ideas, Exhibition masters

experiences and take part in demos of the very latest the various industries have to offer.

When it comes to grand trade exhibitions, nobody does it better.

“We are driven by the will and ambition to create meeting spaces that can contribute to a positive

development of the business sector and niched industries as well as society,” says Tommy Abrahamsson, CEO of Nolia.

The biggest visit-fair in North Scandinavia

In 2015 there are a lot of exciting exhibitions hosted by Nolia.

The biggest one of these is Stora Nolia, a trade fair where the immensely varied range of exhibitors makes it an exclusive happening.

“Stora Nolia has nearly 800 exhibitors and approximately 100,000 visitors,” Abrahamsson says.

“During nine days the city of Umeå sees this massive event attract people eager to explore the most differentiated mass exhibition there is.”

Stora Nolia pushes ideas, products and innovations from almost every industry available.

Visitors will be able to meet representatives of everything from gardening tools to sports cars. Exhibition masters

“Every day has a specific theme,” Abrahamsson explains.

“The booths and stalls of the exhibitioners remain the same throughout the nine days, but an overall theme varies.”

Take the ‘Snow & Winter Day’ for example.

Visitors will, in the middle of the summer, be able to enjoy snow that has been saved from the winter months.

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