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Ensuring safety in Gauteng

Partnerships – that’s what Gauteng MEC for Community Safety Sizakele Nkosi Malobane

keeps coming back to as she talks about safety and security in the province.

Whether it’s reducing levels of crime, addressing the needs of communities or fighting substance abuse,

MEC Malobane believes government partnering with stakeholders is the key.

“For the levels of crime to decrease all interested parties should work together to find ways to deal with crime in the province,” she stresses.

Of particular concern to her is the number of murders that take place in the province.

According to the crime stats released in September last year, between April 2014 and March 2015,

over 3 600 people were killed in the province, up by more than 300 murders from the previous year.

“This is a serious concern for us, we can’t be a province that is known for murdering each other,” she cautions.

The MEC points out that most of the killings happen between people who are known to each other.

“We have started the process of developing a plan with all the law enforcement agencies that will deal with murder in our province.

“We’ve also invited other role players to assist in making sure that we deal with situations where family issues lead to murders.

We have also brought in the Department of Economic Development because some

of the killings happen in places where people are fighting for economic reasons, for example illegal mining,” she adds.

A focus on the youth MEC Malobane says her department is also working hard to ensure that young people

who have found themselves trapped in a life of crime have the prospect of a better future.

Recently, the department held dialogues with young people who are currently in prison. “

“The reason some of them go back to prison is because when they are released

they don’t have jobs and are rejected by the community and potential employers.

“When you’ve got a criminal record, no one wants to employ you and as a department we are helping them establish cooperatives.

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