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Educating and innovating for a sustainable fashion future

In the past seven years, the Swedish fashion industry has grown by 60 per cent overall, and exports are up a whopping 90 per cent.

The Swedish fashion industry now has an annual turnover of more than 300 billion SEK (about 25 billion GBP),

making it a significant, important player for Sweden in terms of business, sustainability and innovation.

With a new government-funded initiative, Textile & Fashion 2030, Educating

aiming to accelerate change towards a sustainable textile and fashion future,

it is clear that the Swedish fashion industry is about so much more than style.

As a crucial player on this scene, the Swedish Fashion Council, a selfsustained organisation founded in 1979,

works to promote, educate and innovate the industry to boost competitiveness and sustainability in all areas.

The council does so by, among other things, driving research efforts, supporting emerging talent,

working closely with national as well as international fashion schools, and supporting a wide range of Swedish brands.

“As an industry, we’re facing a big challenge right now – there’s a paradigm shift happening,”

says Jennie Rosén, CEO of the Swedish Fashion Council.

“There’s the reality of digitalisation on a big scale, a new kind of consumerism, and, of course, the issues of sustainability and transparency.

We need to change how we do things, find new business models where consumers are seen as users rather than buyers – and for us,

educating the industry and the schools to bring them into this new era is a big focus right now.”

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