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Diversity Equity and Inclusion

The spring 2020 Lyre shared Alpha Chi Omega’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) on a broad scale.

While the organization has been working actively on matters related to DEI since 2015,

we have also learned from our country and from passionate member feedback that we have much work to do to move

Alpha Chi Omega and the fraternity/sorority industry forward, specifically as DEI relates to our BIPOC sisters and potential new members.

Fostering a culture of anti-racism begins with understanding, knowledge and acknowledgement of racism’s continued insidious existence, as well as a commitment to organizational change.

Alpha Chi Omega has two desired outcomes from our DEI work – to increase diversity in our membership throughout every level of the organization and to nurture

and develop a membership experience that is increasingly equitable and inclusive for members, volunteers and staff.

Alpha Chi Omega is committed to being on the forefront of the challenging conversations

and the hard work necessary to achieve these goals.

During the month of June, board members and staff management thoughtfully considered Alpha Chi Omega’s recent DEI initiatives and outcomes.

As a result of input from membership and staff, the March 2020 recommendations from a DEI consultant and the 2018 report from the Diversity & Inclusion Study Group, more than 90 action items were brainstormed.

From there, a prioritized plan was developed and shared with all members via email and available to the public on our website and social media.

In no way intended to be all inclusive nor a final step, the plan lists Alpha Chi Omega’s highest priorities for DEI work at this time.

We recognize the desire for swift action and change and will be transparent on our progress.

 Further, we know that thoughtful, impactful and thorough work takes time.

Some items in the plan have already been completed, including establishing a volunteer DEI Work Group of collegians and alumnae;

forming an internal staff DEI advisory committee; creating the new vice president diversity, equity and inclusion (VP DEI) position for collegiate chapter executive boards

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