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Firstly my thanks all the people who have responded to the call for news, a smaller number than usual sadly.

The call to action prompted some very quick responses. One respondent was very chuffed with himself as to being the first to reply,

until I informed my cousin in the office next door that someone had beaten him by 13 minutes.

The first responder Robin Johnson (St A 81) reports life and work coming to a shuddering halt. Having set up an office in Chicago

in June last year he had been spending most of his time there but has not been since February and is unlikely to get back there until 2021.

 He does report that the unintended consequence of this is that he has seen his wife more in the last four months than it seems

in the last 28 years and he reports to having really enjoyed the experience!

The opening of golf courses has allowed sanity to return and as well as being a member at Alwoodley,

he is now also a member at Ganton, feeling fortunate to play at two of the best courses in Yorkshire.

He reports of contact with Bill Simms (C 81),

Jonathan Turner (S 84) and Ian Young (Sn 81).

Returning to the silver medallist responder, Tom Ellis (Sn 91), he continues in the family business with yours truly.

He keeps his cycling going wearing the appropriately entitled cycling brand “Fat Lad at the Back” lycra.

 Contact with other OOs is heavily weighted around family meetings having been in contact with Roger Ellis (Sn 56)

and James Ellis (Sn 63), Isobel Ellis (Sn 14) and also with his father in law Peter Cole (Sn 54) and his brother Antony Cole (Sn 56).

Other interactions have been with fellow “Yorkshire Players” Guy Ackernley (Sc 94) and Will Roberts (N 94).

He also sees reasonably regularly the likes of Adam Shaw (S 81), Ian Lane (Ldr 77) and Mike Haigh (Sc 87) in various public houses around and about.

He enjoyed bumping into Nick Bloom (Sn 92) at the OO London dinner establishing

that they had both been at the RWC final in Japan a couple of weeks before – Nick in fine form as a Springbok supporter.

As to any requests for advertising revenue (a standard part of the call to all OOs) came back with the polite decline of a response that his new kitchen would take priority in the funding pile!

I have a sneaking suspicion I know where that will be coming from! Bob Harrap (B 68)

replied that like the rest of us it had been pretty difficult in recent times to have much on the go;

however he was present late last year at the wedding of his son Jon (B 05) in Manhatten to wife Emily. His daughter Bryony Harrap (N 08), Chris Nicholls (G 69) and Ian Lane

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