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Demi Lardner

Ditch Witch 800 and We Mustn’t (with Tom Walker) “I’m so tired, dude,” Demi Lardner admits

powering through the halfway point of the 2019 Adelaide Fringe.

“I’m so fuckin’ tired.

I don’t know what to do with myself, but it’s fun.” It’s a fair comment; Lardner still has a big year ahead.

The award-winning comedian will hit the Melbourne International Comedy Festival by way of Brisbane,

before heading to New Zealand, Sydney, America, London and Edinburgh.

In Melbourne alone, she’ll be doing two new shows: the hyperkinetic solo project Ditch Witch 800 and the equally frenetic We Mustn’t with fellow comedian and partner Tom Walker.

It’s hard work ± she recommends “a bath and a whisky” to stay sane ± but it’s all been worth it.

“I hadn’t realised until people started telling me, but my solo show is incredibly high-energy and I sweat so much,” Lardner laughs.

“Then I’m just gonna have to ride that high all the way down to play a tiny, awful, creepy twin brother to my boyfriend.”

It’s hard to believe that Lardner wasn’t even going to do a show this year.

Stating that she had “nothing” for the upcoming season, the comedian conjured a cyclone of sketch and observation that audiences already love.

Lardner’s unique and interactive approach to comedy in Ditch Witch 800 plays off her audiences’ expectations and may just see them involved in the show.

“I’m gonna make them work for it ± even though they paid, but they’re in it too,” laughs Lardner.

“I find it intolerable to not acknowledge that people are in the room and the only way that I feel like I can do that is by, y’know, touching their eyes and stuff.

I don’t think that will ever be gone from my comedy, otherwise I’m like ‘arggh, stop looking at me,

let’s look at this idiot for a second’, y’know? It’s a lot of kissing people on the head.”

Lardner describes We Mustn’t as the tale of “two insufferable little boys with probably the worst accents and voice tone you could have” home alone, desperately trying to avoid trouble and their father’s wrath.

A theatrical explosion of character-driven madness, Lardner cannot wait. “It [came] from last year when we were in Adelaide Fringe and we were both going insane,” Lardner recalls.

“We just started doing these awful characters who were twin brothers and it was the thing that was bringing us the most joy ± just calling each other Johnathon and just going insane in a car because we both had heat stroke and we were so tired.

It just brought us enough joy that we were like, ‘yes ± other people must see’.”

Jokingly describing them both as “creepy, evil shows”, Lardner’s philosophy hearkens to a simple, fun-loving core ± sometimes, some ideas are so surreal that there’s no excuse for not doing them.

“We tried to keep heart in it, but it’s also slightly confronting and awful,” Lardner laughs.

“So just be prepared.”

“I hadn’t realised until people started telling me, but my solo show is incredibly highenergy and I sweat so much.”

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