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Dealing with glasses

A MAJOR CHALLENGE you’ll face with lighting,

is how to avoid seeing the effect of the flash on reflective surfaces.

The most common example of this is people wearing glasses,

but it can also apply when you have people standing near windows, mirrors or other shiny material used as wall linings ลาวสามัคคี วีไอพี         .

The situation is made worse when the flash and lens are close together;

 hence it is particularly prevalent when using either pop-up or on-camera flash. The root cause of the problem is simple.

Light travels in a straight line and when it hits an object it bounces back at exactly the same angle.

The image below left shows the situation when the flash is positioned on-camera, and the image right shows the effect in the final image.

The answer to the issue is to position the flash so the angle at which the light comes back from is such that it does not fall on the lens.

When dealing with on-camera flash we are somewhat limited in what we can do.

The simplest measure is to angle the flash and bounce that off some other surface.

 This works to a certain degree, however as light comes out in all directions from the flash,

it is likely that you will still see a small amount of reflection on the glasses.

It is much better to take the flash off the camera and place it in a position so that the angles work in your favour as shown below.

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