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Danish eggs: high-quality, healthy and environmentally and animal friendly

Did you know that eating eggs can reduce the risk of dementia? Eggs are also full of essential vitamins and minerals,

making them somewhat of a power food. Moreover, they are versatile and so much more than simply a breakfast food.

How about a Buddha bowl with eggs for lunch, or a tasty quiche for dinner? However, Danish eggs: high-quality

not only are eggs merely healthy and delicious; it turns out that Danish eggs are possibly also the safest in the world.

Eggs are a must on any breakfast table. Just try imagining a Sunday brunch without scrambled eggs or soft-boiled eggs.

It simply would not be the same; just not quite right. Moreover, not only are eggs a delicious,

absolute musthave food in your kitchen, they are also healthy and environmentally friendly,

and Danish eggs are possibly the safest in the world.

“The Danish production is subject to one of the world’s most strict salmonella control programmes,

where the layer flocks are tested for all types of salmonella every second week throughout the production period.

Generally, in the EU, tests are only done for two types of salmonella once every 15 weeks,”

explains Jørgen Nyberg Larsen, CEO of the Danish Egg Association.

When you see the Danish Egg Association’s stamp on eggs, you can be positive that the eggs are of the highest quality possible.

Besides being tested for all types of salmonella every other week,

Danish eggs promise a cool chain from farmer to cold counter, Danish eggs: high-quality

meaning that the eggs will not be stored at room temperature at any point throughout the process.

This ensures that the eggs stay fresher and better for longer.

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