When Dananananaykroyd – the Glaswegian sixpiece with the worst-conceived name since Danananakroyd

Arctic Monkeys – released their first EP it was such a concentrated and concise blast of Danananakroyd

attention-deficit pop that it became difficult to imagine the group in any dose other than theDanananakroyd

short and sharp. Its success lay in its boundless energy and feral nature – qualities that daze and stun in flurries,

but when stretched across an entire long-player become slightly wearing.
That said, ‘Hey Everyone’ starts magnificently.

A 90-second blast of countryfried post-punk collides with the frenetic first song proper, ‘Watch This’, and it’s a hard listener

who wouldn’t crack a smile when the entire band begin chanting their name in unison (it’s

also a useful pronunciation guide for those of us who’ve been calling them “Danawhatever” for the last year).

This rattles straight into their brilliant minisymphony, ‘The Greater Than
Symbol & The Hash’, and then into

‘Black Wax’ – a straight-up pop song recalling the best bits of Pavement and Idlewild with a coda to rival Arcade Fire’s sense of singalong.

But, unfortunately, that’s more or less it.

Save for the gloriously inventive ‘1993’, which begins like a heavier XTC and mutates into Mogwaiwith-singing for the outro, there’s little that

grabs attention and a lot that feels like a band running out of ideas.
At its best, ‘Hey Everybody’ delivers a rare

level of life-affirming energy and a force of personality that propels you through the songs

with wide-eyed excitement. But unfortunately there really is not enough in the tank to sustain

itself consistently – releasing just half of this album would’ve made it doubly good.

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