Through a rewarding career with Neiman Marcus Group,

Chuck Steelman is known for fashioning nonpareil events across stores and programs designed to enhance customer engagement with each of the luxury retailer’s brands.

Now Trademark has tapped his creative genius for a newly created position.

Patron (P): Please tell us about your new role as Vice President of Experience with Trademark and experiential retail overall.

Chuck Steelman (CS): My interpretation of experiential retail is creating an unexpected memorable moment for mall and shopping center guests.

It’s not just about shopping anymore; it’s now about the small things like ease of parking,

the opportunity to meet a celebrity or fashion designer, or discovering exclusive or special products.

Most importantly, I think it’s about relationships, because people appreciate when someone knows who they are and greets them by name, which goes a long way in the competitive retail environment.

Dallas-based The true goal is offering what e-commerce can’t, because there are things you can’t experience online.

For example, you can’t have a conversation with a designer or fully appreciate a piece of art online like you can in person.

One way Trademark has increased experiential retail is investing in parking garages and including street art throughout the garage.

Adding color to an otherwise grey and simple garage brings out emotions while also helping with wayfinding.

It’s unexpected to have art in a parking garage,

and guests don’t realize they’ve already had an experience. It’s a natural way to make someone feel good.

P: Trademark is known for creating mixed-use lifestyle properties like Watters Creek. Will you describe this ethos?

CS: Terry Montesi, CEO of Trademark, has led the company to T focus on creating spaces to foster community,

Dallas-based and this has led us to focusing on mixed-use and lifestyle centers.

Terry is a leader in transforming properties on the outside, adding needed and wanted amenities,

Dallas-based and layering in a unique tenant mix to make the center a place for everyone.

The company has also seen success in creating more green spaces while incorporating sustainability into the properties. P: We know art is essential and invigorates the soul.

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