Cultural hotspot in northern Norway

Featuring an entire swimming complex, a state-of-the-art cinema, an art gallery, a library and a venue for music, theatre performances,

shows, talks and banquets, Kulturbadet in northern Norway is a cultural meeting point for tourists, locals and businesses in the area.

As a regional cultural centre, Kulturbadet first opened its doors in 2015 in a small town located in the county of Nordland.

“We are placed in the middle of the centre of Sandnessjøen, Cultural hotspot

and the building itself is located within walking distance to buses and boats.

Even the Hurtigruten cruise stops just around the corner,”

says CEO of Kulturbadet, Odd Arnold Skogsholm.

For a place of just 6,000 inhabitants, it is quite astonishing to think that the annual number of visitors at Cultural hotspot

Kulturbadet is a whopping 250,000. “It’s a house for everybody,” explains Skogsholm.

“Our offering is so broad that everyone can find something to do here – whether it’s tourists, locals or families.”

Sandnessjøen had been without a swimming complex and a proper concert and theatre venue for a long time when

Kulturbadet launched as a welcome contribution to the small community.

Skogsholm believes that the cultural centre, particularly the pool,

has the best view in Norway, overlooking the Seven Sisters mountain range,

the Dønnamannen mountain and the Helgelandsbroen bridge.

Kulturbadet hosts several courses in their swimming complex,

including tailored courses for babies, adults and seniors.

“We’ve got a swimming club now,

and we are continuing to bring out new offers as we’re constantly striving to improve and expand our offering,”

says marketing consultant for Kulturbadet, Trine Mathisen Vassvik.

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