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Creating cabins for the quality-driven client

Sometimes living the dream is indeed possible, particularly if it involves a stunningly beautiful,

custom-made second home that will blow most people’s minds away.

Laftekompaniet specialises in the high-end cabin market, Creating cabins for

delivering pioneering log cabins to customers across winter destinations in Norway.

It is said that more than half of the Norwegian population has access to a holiday home, with around 5,000 new cabins being built each year.

Of these, Laftekompaniet brings to life about two dozen.

Make no mistake, their cabins are for those looking for something truly special and who want to choose from the top shelf.

“Our cabins are found across all the large winter resorts in Norway,

and the customers all have a few things in common: they are very interested in architecture and interior,

they want the best, and they want something that no one else has,” says owner Kai Korsen.

The company is known as the biggest of its kind in Norway, specialising in the high-end market in winter resorts across southern Norway.

Having been in the business for two decades, they cooperate with academic environments for the best possible log solutions,

architects for innovative twists, and internationally acclaimed interior designers for the finishing touch.

Inspired by the lodge style of the US and the Alps

The cabins are recognised for their impressive appearance, with floor-toceiling windows creating stunning timber frames with a view.

“We are pioneers at combining tradition with modern expressions, and the large windows are excellent examples of this,” Korsen says.

Laftekompaniet’s lead architect, Cathrin Berg-Heggenes, is one of the most renowned architects

specialising in log architecture and interiors in the world.

“We are constantly looking for new inspiration to be able to set the standard for log cabins of the future,” she comments.

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