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Creating a New Audio-Visual

Suppose you have been somewhere interesting and have taken heaps of photos.

Now they are sitting at your computer and you would like to share them in an audiovisual.

Your first important question is: ‘What story can I tell with these images?’ Next you have to decide how to organise the information you have.

This may involve doing some research to gather more information about the location or the event. You need to have a way to start or introduce your story.

If possible, try to capture the interest of your viewers so they become interested immediately. Next, it is important to organise your photos to tell the story logically.

Finally, think of a way of ending the story without having to tell the viewers that this is the end.

One way of planning your AV is to make notes on a piece of paper before you begin sorting out the images.

At this stage, decide which aspect ratio you will use; the images should all be cropped to that ratio.

Common ratios are 4:3, 3:2 and 16:9. The ratio you choose may depend on your camera or what suits the images or the story, but whatever you choose should be the same for all images in this AV.

 Now it’s time to sort out which images you will use to tell the story.

Select images which have been well taken, i.e. they are sharp if they need to be, and they contribute to the story.

By sorting out the images first you will not waste time post-processing images you are not going to use. Every image in your AV needs to be post-processed.

This may include removing distracting elements, sharpening, and cropping each image to the ratio you have chosen.

Open your audio-visual software and load the photos. Check that the images flow and that they tell your story.

Set the image length and the transition times, although these may need to be adjusted after the audio track is added. Remove any images that do not contribute to the story.

Often a shorter AV which tells the story clearly and concisely will hold

the interest of your audience while a longer one may become boring – not to you maybe, but to someone who wasn’t there.

The audio track is an important part of the programme.

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