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Create your dream house in no time

Is the size of your bedroom just a bit too small, while your living room takes up all the square footage?

Ever dreamed of designing your home just the way you want it?

Nyt Hjem can take those dreams and bring them to life by creating the ultimate space for you.

Carsten Kastrup and Kristoffer Wøldike Schmith are two Danes who have put their previous experience in the construction industry to excellent use.

Last year, they spruced up an already existing company and turned it into their own construction project with remarkable success.

In just that first year business has more than doubled, primarily thanks to the founders’ clear vision.

“We are brave,” says Wøldike Schmith. Create your dream house

“In Denmark there is a long-standing tendency for houses to all look very similar.

Your house looks like your neighbour’s, giving the whole neighbourhood a unified appearance.

We are breaking that convention up and letting you make your house your own.” Create your dream house

An example of Nyt Hjem’s creative boldness is the atrium.

“We have fashioned a house built around an atrium,

which is not something you usually see in your average Danish quarter,” Wøldike Schmith explains.

When creating a house with Nyt Hjem, you have talented architects at your disposal to collaboratively make your domestic dreams come alive.

You choose how the rooms are put together,

which size each room should be, what materials to use for your kitchen,

even where you want your electrical outlets placed.

The process is completely streamlined,

with the top manufacturers and architects already working with Nyt Hjem.

They have made the elementary material decisions for you,

allowing you to get creative and make the choices for your house to be just the way you want it – and still keep the entire building process at a mere 16 weeks.

That is the shortest delivery time for a house in Denmark,

without comprising the quality of the product, which is a key ingredient in Nyt Hjem’s business.

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