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Cool vibe at the steakhouse

For the best meat in Stockholm, head to Vassa Eggen.

This steakhouse has the perfect combination of fantastic food, a lively atmosphere and great entertainment – a clear hit with the Stockholm crowd.

Considered one of Sweden’s top restaurants, Vassa Eggen is run by Christian Olsson and Kristofer Sandström since 1999, and in 2015, previous head chef Niklas Odin joined as a partner.

This team has transformed the restaurant over the past ten years from fine-dining into a sleek New York-style steakhouse with a more chilled-out vibe.

Situated next to the beautiful park Humlegården next to Stureplan in central Stockholm, the restaurant is a popular spot for lunch,

dinner and after-work, and praised for its excellent and friendly service.

The menu includes, for instance,

Nebraska beef, flat iron steak and suckling pig,

as well as fish and seafood such as grilled lobster and sea bass,

Cool vibe at the steakhouse and the raw bar serves up tasty options including oysters and tataki of tuna.

Vassa Eggen serves the best meat in town,

cooked with care for fantastic results. In 2014, the restaurant installed a special fridge for tenderising meat,

Cool vibe at the steakhouse and it now has the ability to serve own-cured meat from farms around the country.

“Vassa Eggen has always had Swedish meat on the menu, but now we can cure the meat ourselves,” says co-owner Christian Olsson.

“Our dedicated butcher selects the best cuts, and the meat is then cured in the fridge for four to five weeks.

This means that we can control the whole process and offer our guests even better-quality meat.”

The dining hall on Birger Jarlsgatan 29 is a modern venue with dim lighting, muted colours and dark mirrors,

displaying art by talented Swedish artist Christian Saldert.

While the restaurant offers a cosy ambience, the bar has a lively atmosphere and cool vibe with upbeat music by established DJs.

Vassa Eggen’s terrace is also open for the season with a

range of activities during the summer, and the team has introduced a new concept for its after work on Thursdays.

The idea with Pop T/art is to invite wellknown and up-and-coming artists to take over the bar.

Do not miss the opportunity to experience this mix of inspiring art and great music!

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