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In last year’s review issue we didn’t pay our respects to any one promoter.

It wasn’t because British nightlife had taken a turn for the pointless; more a case that the best independent club nights – many of which became integral outlets for fiercely subversive new music – were difficult to tell apart.

After their summer break this year, south London’s Off Modern proved just
how square pegged their art’n’music parties are in London’s circular scene,

and the ravey Corsica Studios (OM’s most recent home) was a fine new base for a collective intent on celebrating visual

artists and DJs as well as live bands. It’s because all three are treated as equals that Off Modern feels a lot more impressive than just another gig.

The bands ending doesn’t sound the death knell; simply that it’s time to start dancing again, and dancing is something of a stranger to many a club nights right now.

Grime, two-step, hip-hop and rhythmic guitar music will all get heard, and get all people moving. And if you need an indicator of just how good Off Modern is,

drive passed the front door at midnight and see just how many people are queuing to get in.

But nothing disappointed quite like the virtual disbanding of Battles this year.

They formed in 2002 and have only managed the one album to date, and now it doesn’t look too promising that a follow up to ‘Mirrored’ will
ever be completed.

Tyondai Braxton quitting the band to pursue his classical-leaning solo
career is what’s stopped one of our most captivating live bands in their tracks

The frustration lies in the fact that, even a decade after ‘Is This It’, they remain the coolest band in the world and one largely with
untapped potential.

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