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Climate-smart gifts that give memories for life

Every year, it’s the same: a number of gifts to be given to various close family members, distant relatives,

best friends, work colleagues, and so on – often a deed of time-consuming shopping that results in severe performance anxiety.

In today’s society, we all need to think and act in more climate-smart ways and stop consuming

unnecessary things that just gather dust and ultimately end up in the bin.

Instead, we should expand our collections of memories.

There is nothing better to give away than an unforgettable memory – something to look back upon, Climate-smart

a memory that brings a smile to your face; a mouth-watering breakfast buffet with your best friend; a long,

neverending lunch with your mother; a relaxing massage for the teen, a luxurious facial for yourself,

or a romantic surprise weekend with the one you love the most.

Put simply, these are things that can have much less of a negative impact on the environment,

yet will create sweet moments to save in your memory bank.

Next time, buy a giftcard for a memorable experience, and add the treat of a little time spent with yourself…

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