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Class of 2010

Whilst in the depths of the country’s lockdown, we received an email from

Mrs Smedley reminding us that – amidst the debate on whether a face mask was going to be a fashion statement

or medical protection – we had reached the milestone of ten years since leaving Oundle, Class of 2010

and, as such, had the responsibility of coordinating the highly coveted ‘Class of…’ article for the Old Oundelian.

At this point, Zoom had become the ‘normal’ way to interact,

flour was the most valuable commodity you could get your hands on, and everyone was scrambling for ways to stay connected,

to stay informed and to stay sane. Strangely, collating the entries for this article has done just that.

Piecing it together has been the perfect excuse to reach out and reconnect with our peers, to be inspired

and uplifted by their achievements, and to find a huge amount of joy in reading (and rereading) Class of 2010

the remarkable journeys, transformations and success stories of the last ten years.

The accomplishments that follow are so varied for us to try and single out only a few – from entrepreneurs to doctors, artists to scientists, and even a professional mountaineer.

It really has been a tremendous pleasure. What continues to strike us most is the incredible friendships forged at Oundle, all of which remain so important to so many of us still today.

Whilst with the numerous engagements, weddings and even children that have been a part of the past ten years,

what it does show is that we have all done a lot of growing up! It would be remiss to not also take a moment to acknowledge the tragic passing of Vadim Atroshenko, an integral member of the Grafton year group, and our thoughts go out to his family.

 We are hugely grateful to our cohort of Heads of House (and Pat and Charlie!) for their support in collecting everyone’s news and we do hope you enjoy reading the stories of Oundle’s 2010 Leavers.

Sam Bowers: I spent some time teaching in Nepal with Tom Campbell-Moffat (B 10) and tomb raiding in Cambodia with Ellie Hiskett (K 10).

I then moved to sunny LA to attend the University of Southern California, where I learned to longboard,

joined a fraternity, got a degree in International Relations, and never saw the rain… ever.

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