City of light in the heart of the Finnish Lakeland

It is seldom that a visitor has not only the usual cultural and architectural delights available to them within walking distance of the city centre,

but also versatile outdoor activities and exciting, unique events too.

In the picturesque Lakeland landscape lies the modern and vibrant city of Jyväskylä,

which continues to grow in all aspects, the Jyväskylä University and other colleges fuelling the development of the area.

It has been estimated that every third person you encounter in Jyväskylä is a student.

This ensures that Jyväskylä will stay fresh, vibrant and open to new ideas.

“I feel that Jyväskylä is a friendly place with a welcoming atmosphere, and it is always on the move,”

explains Susanne Sarvilinna, tourism and marketing manager of Visit Jyväskylä.

And moving is what Jyväskylä is all about. “Jyväskylä challenges everyone to get moving, both indoors and outdoors,” says Sarvilinna.

“There are many marked routes for walkers and runners, like the Rantaraitti path around Lake Jyväsjärvi in the city centre.”

Jyväskylä offers top-level sports facilities throughout the city too, as well as easy-access outdoor recreation areas.

When you are out and about in Jyväskylä, you are sure to spot some masterful architecture, City of light

much of it designed by renowned Finnish architect Alvar Aalto.

That is why Jyväskylä is the capital city of Alvar Aalto’s architecture.

“We have more Aalto designs from different periods than anywhere else in the world,” says Sarvilinna.

Visitors can get to know these exceptional buildings on guided tours, City of light

or independently on carefully planned routes by foot, bus or bike, or even on lake cruises.

In addition to famous architecture upon which to feast your eyes,

the Jyväskylä region also boasts two UNESCO World Heritage sites.

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