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Optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA) visualization

and quantification of choriocapillaris blood flow dynamics provide a robust new biomarker for assessing AMD.

While choriocapillaris flow deficits increase with age, especially centrally,

flow deficits continue to progress during agerelated macular degeneration (AMD) evolution Choriocapillaris flow deficits may predict

the appearance of drusen, progression to nascent geographic atrophy, and the development and enlargement of atrophy in eyes with neovascularization.

The choriocapillaris is a highly vascularized layer located posterior to Bruch’s membrane ลาวสามัคคี

and the retinal pigment epithelium that has historically been challenging to visualize with conventional imaging. Studying changes in blood flow dynamics in AMD

Dr. Srinivas Sadda and colleagues at the Doheny Eye Institute have utilized OCTA to study the changes in blood flow dynamics associated with AMD.

“AMD is a complex disease in which multiple factors, such as inflammation, aging, genetics,

and oxidative damage play different roles in driving the observed changes in the choriocapillaris,” explained Dr. Sadda during the EURETINA 2021 Virtual Congress

. “We and others have sought to understand how age affects the choriocapillaris.” Their studies have shown that choriocapillaris flow deficit appears to worsen with age, compared to younger individuals.

“These changes are more significant around the center of the fovea. When drusen develop in patients with AMD, they tend to appear more centrally,” said Optical coherence tomography

Dr. Sadda. Therefore, his team investigated possible associations between choriocapillaris flow limitations and the localization of drusen in AMD.

 Loss of retinal sensitivity Additional experimental data point towards an increasingly important role of the choriocapillaris in defining the transitional stages of AMD.

“There has been a lot of interest in studying retinal changes that signify aging to AMD transition using retinal structural imaging and retinal sensitivity.

And recent data suggests loss of scotopic sensitivity early on in AMD,” shared Dr. Sadda.

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